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  • Main Dossier
  • Newberry, Jeff
  • Murphy, Zach
  • Garcia, Michael
  • Woods, James
  • Smith, Hank
  • Novikov, Vadim


The Wolverines are a specialized commando regiment in Defense Corps. Their main purpose varies from reconnaissance to an advance strike force.

Wolverine specialist skills stress autonomy and as a result, team members are highly intelligent and trained in a wide variety of disciplines.



Content 7 - Newberry, Jeff Lieutenant

Education: Masters of Science, Rybos Military Institute

Military Experience: Four years of combat experience with a large emphasis on utilizing missile technologies to combat heavy armor.

Expertise: Rocket technology, armored tactics, and light infantry squad tactics.

Hand to Hand combat training: Third degree black belt Krav Maga.

Other: Jeff was a professional lacrosse player for six years while in college.


Content 3 Murphy, Zachary Sergeant

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administation, Defense Corps Education Institute, Masters of Business Administration in progress at DCEI

Military Experience: Twenty years of infantry level combat experience, including one year in the Rybos militia, eight years in Earth Alliance Rangers, two years as a major in the Rybos militia and eight years as a commando in Defense Corps.

Expertise: Sniper, sniper trainer, regimental hand to hand combat trainer, and competive pistol shooting champion.

Hand to Hand combat training: Third degree blackbelt in aikido, second degree blackbelt in jiujitsu, and a second degree black belt in krav maga.

Weapons of choice: M21 Sniper system, Glock 20

Other: Recipient of Earth Alliance Medal of valour, Defense Corps Titanium Star and numerous militia decorations


Content 5 Garcia, Michael Corporal

Education: Bachelors degree in History and a Master degree in Military tactics, both from Defense Corps Education Institute

Military Experience:Ten years of combat experience.

Expertise:Squad automatic weapon.

Hand to Hand combat training:Second Degree black belt in Judo.

10mm Target

Content 2 Woods, James Private

Education: Bachelors and Master Degree in Literature, Rybos Technical Institute

Military Experience:Ten years of military experience.

Expertise:Scouting and sniping. Regimental survival trainer. Three time winner of the Rybos, Sergeant York long distance shooting competition.

Hand to Hand combat training: First degree black belt in Kempo karate.

Preferred weapon systems: M21, Glock 20, Longbow


Woods family involvement with the McCanles Gang & Bill Hickok's Gunfight at Rock Creek Station


Content 4 Smith, Hank Private

Education:Bachelors of Science in Pre-Industrial Engineering and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rybos Technical Institute

Military Experience:Ten years combined Defense Corps and Earth Alliance Ranger combat experience.

Expertise:Electronics warfare, electronics communications, medic. Adapting alien technology.

Hand to Hand combat training:Third degree black belt in Hapkido.

Preferred weapon systems: M21, HK11E, M78 20mm Rifle, Glock 20, Crossbow




Content 6 Novikov, Vadim

Education:Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Defense Corps Education Institute, in progress

Military Experience:Three years with Rybos Militia. Two years as a Defense Corps commando.

Expertise:Entry and room clearing tactics.

Hand to Hand combat training: Second degree black belt in Kempo karate.

Preferred weapon systems:HK11E, Glock 20, M78 20mm Rifle