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Chronos Prophecies Reviews

Diane Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, November 2011

Chronos Prophecies, Rise of the Telepaths is part of a science fiction series and represents military science fiction at its best. It introduces a world ruled by The Mining Syndicate where deadly battles are fought by The Wolverines, led by one Zack Murphy. The Wolverines have been exploring the world they've long shared with aliens and they've made discoveries that show them their fate is linked with the aliens even as they battle huge military robots to free a population enslaved by Chronos dictators.

The Wolverines are more than just a rebel military force: they are a select group of telepaths bred for a thousand years on the planet Chronos, and are called upon to fulfill prophecies.

Their journey across a continent to unlock their abilities results in the discovery of secrets that will change their world. Attacks from Chronos' surviving species and the evil Earth Mining Syndicate give the Wolverines enemies on many fronts, even as they fulfill the prophecies by uncovering technologies that will unlock their deepest powers.

While familiarity with the preceding novel Chronos will help in a smooth transition to this sequel, in actuality Chronos Prophecies, Rise of the Telepaths requires no introduction to prove satisfying and is accessible to the newcomer. Its opening chapter uses dialogue and character interaction to deftly provide settings and concepts that will serve readers throughout the story.

Descriptive action is well done and features fine settings and atmosphere throughout: "The two moons of Chronos give the planet an eerie glow in the evening. Most nights, there is enough light to allow activity. On an occasional night, like this one, a double full moon made it possible to function almost as though it were daylight. The two men were grateful for this. They knew little about their foes, but they did know one thing, they were being hunted by fearsome predators."

Action and adventure and the pace of personal and group discoveries are well done and provide a blend of swift action and thoughtful explorations of the evolution of telepaths and their purposes.

Swift military action combined with hard science fiction make Chronos Prophecies, Rise of the Telepaths a satisfying, complex novel.

The Baryon Review , Monday, September 19, 2011

CHRONOS Prophecies ~ reviewed by Barry Hunter
In CHRONOS, the first book in the series we were introduced to a world ruled by The Mining Syndicate and the battles fought by The Wolverines led by Zach Murphy. It was a battle filled action packed volume.
In this second installment, there are still action packed adventures, but, Ciolli has shifted the story to the fulfillment of the prophecies that have been passed down for a thousand years. Murphy and his team are also instructed in developing their mental telepathy and other powers.
We also see more of the planet where dinosaurs have been allowed to evolve; meet ages old human and Amalthean telepaths; and, are finally told more of how the Amaltheans and humans are linked together.
Ciolli has a grand plan in place for further adventures (at least I hope he does) and I’m sure after reading CHRONOS PROPHECIES, you, too, will want to find out more of the secrets that the two races share.