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Chronos Prophecies

The Rise of the Telepaths

A Novel by Tom Ciolli

A continent filled with ancient creatures left alone to evolve their own destiny.

An ancient ruin where the lone inhabitant does not age and waits to train those with latent abilities.

A cobalt blue twenty five foot tall android.

As the crew rounded the corner, a bank of lights switched on and illuminated the chamber. Several spotlights shined on a huge, anodized blue, android which sat motionless on a giant chair carved out of stone. Garcia said, “Has anyone seen pictures of the Lincoln Memorial on Earth?” Woods said, “Good call on that one. All he needs is a big stovepipe hat.” ... Murphy moved without hesitation and suddenly pulled the plastic tarp off of the smaller chair next to the android and sat in it. ... The fingers on the robot began to move individually in a rhythmic tapping motion. Murphy said calmly, “Testing, one, two, three.” The android’s hands then left the hand rests and touched their fingertips together. The android spoke with a raspy voice as it said, “Wow. The kinesthetic feedback is amazing.” The android touched its face as somebody might after receiving a close shave. Murphy said, “Amazing.” The still seated android then straightened its legs one at time. Murphy said, “Mr. Spires, I’d like to try and stand. ... The android moved about the huge domed shaped chamber as if Murphy had been born to it. ... As Murphy’s android moved around the two hundred yard wide chamber, the flock of sheep moved in unison to stay as far away from the huge cobalt blue automaton as they could. Smith and Woods found the whole spectacle amusing, and they decided to set up their monitors in the chamber so they could watch Murphy herd sheep as he learned to move the android.

An abandoned two hundred mile long tunnel stripped of its machinery

Woods drawled, “Where did all of the equipment go?” Minervadoe replied, “This was the last large scale horizontal linear accelerator that we built. We took all of the equipment to the planet’s poles and sunk four twenty five mile long diagonal tunnels at each pole. In total, there are eight tunnels and they are all connected by the huge iron deposits running through the core of Chronos. .... Smith was still staring down the tunnel and he asked, “What was this linear accelerator for?” “Augh, it was part of a grand Amalthea endeavor to investigate the traces of an interspatial flexure which exists on Chronos.” Hank Smith frowned. “It’s the first I’ve heard of this interspatial flexure.” Hank averted his gaze from the well lit tunnel extending in front of him and looked at Minervadoe who answered. “Once your telepathic powers are up to speed, these gaps in your knowledge will disappear as you begin to absorb the knowledge of the collective Amalthea dream. We believe that the reason that nobody ages in the Citadel is because it is the back end of an event horizon.” Sunset

The unfolding of a thousand years of selective breeding.

In 2133, the Wolverines, an elite team of commandos, begin to unravel the mysteries surrounding a planet they share with an alien species. They find that their fate is inexorably linked to the aliens in more ways than simply coexisting and sharing mutual goals. The members of the Wolverines discover that they are part of a select gene pool of telepaths, bred for a thousand years on the planet Chronos. The Wolverines are called upon to trek through a continent abandoned by the planet’s native humanoid species. In their travels, they find that they have the ability to open an impenetrable pyramid sealed for over ten thousand years, and, once they do, they are astonished by the technologies now at their control. The book describes the process of unlocking the potential of the human genome as the team discovers that they have the innate skills to perform unimaginable feats with only their minds. At the same time, Wolverine team members are tasked with surviving attacks from both Chronos’ indigenous dinosaur species and advanced technologies from Earth’s most evil organization, the Mining Syndicate.

Photos courtesy of Tom Ciolli