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Military Science Fiction

A Novel by Tom Ciolli

A planet so rich in resources that dominating it can change the Galaxy's balance of power

An abandoned city guarded by robotic sentries.

G34 & PCP Talon

PICTURED: A Glock 34 in 9mm, and an Air Force Talon pre-charged pneumatic rifle.

Twelve years to get to Earth

On the frontier of man's expansion into space, the same strife exists. Wars and struggles for control dominate.

Too far from the protection of Earth’s government, the several independent colonies of Chronos had fallen prey to poisoned corporations who enslaved their populations to man mines and operate mills and factories. Unfortunately, for the colonists of Chronos, they had been enveloped by the plague which intended to build a war machine at the far end of the universe and consume mankind and its possessions from the farthest known corner of civilization right down to its cradle. Mining syndicates, which had been formed to develop the resources needed for colonizing and harnessing the universe, had become a corrupt malignancy attempting to envelope the lawless edges of civilization and work its way in to its core. It had taken mankind over one hundred years to migrate this deep into space over the course of several human generations. With Earth being so far away, options for escaping the Syndicate’s growing tyrannical grasp were limited and dwindling ...

Twelve years of Travel Time to reach earth      

Chronos is a military science fiction novel which takes place in the year 2132. Man’s advances in space exploration have been evolutionary, not revolutionary. The space ships are not orders of magnitude faster than twentieth century technology, batteries for electronic weapons still take up lots of room, and expensive high tech weaponry cannot be maintained very far from the factories that created it. The frontier of mankind's space exploration is twelve years of space travel away from Earth. The corporations which are involved in planetary mining decide that it is easier and more profitable to enslave their workers and there is nothing that the governments of Earth can do about it. The best Earth can do is to hire mercenaries and utilize local militias. When the Syndicate takes over Chronos to monopolize its rich resources, they begin to develop factories to make the kinds of high tech weapons that are in short supply. If they succeed, these high tech weapons will tip the balance of power. A group of mercenaries is asked to go to Chronos and fight the huge robotic armored divisions with handheld rockets. They find a few surprises which play into their hands once they get there, including telepathic aliens and a colony of miners who turn out to be incredibly resourceful allies.

Photos courtesy of Tom Ciolli